Since its release almost eight years ago, the Edelird Ohm has been a godsend for climbing partners/couples/randos you met at the crag with a significant weight difference. It is undoubtedly one of Edelrid’s most famous products, if you’ve never tried one then I highly recommend you do. With the Ohm II Edelrid has introduced a few updates to make life even easier for all you light belayers. First off, there’s now a swivel attaching the dogbone to the device instead of a mallion, meaning it doesn’t matter which direction you clip it to the first bolt (and the dogbone is easily replaceable). The previous ‘catch’ locking system has been replaced with an improved button design, and the geometry has been changed slightly to improve handling. 

WEIGHT : 450g (42)

Single ropes:8.9–11.0 mm

RRP: $269