verticallifemagazine 24.11.2023



“With three films from our own backyard making the tour lineup this year, there’s something for everyone to be excited about. “The Totem Pole” gives us pause to reflect on the added layers of meaning climbing and adventure give all of us, while “A Stirling Mission: A Western Australian Highlining Story” showcases the joys of a developing community doing what they love. Like you’ll read below, “A New Line” takes us on an inspiring roadtrip in the iconic Blue Mountains, with equally iconic, Lucy Stirling.

“When I look at a climb outdoors, it’s the scariest, most intimidating lines which excite me the most. Not scary-dangerous but scary because they’re beautiful, awesome and look unimaginably hard. By staring up at the route, and even trying it for the first time I catch a glimpse of a wild, obsessive journey ahead. That glimpse is terrifying, yet nothing excites me more.”— Lucy Stirling

A New Line takes us on a one month long trip through the Blue Mountains with competitive climber Lucy Stirling as she embraces the outdoors. After 15 years of prioritising comp climbing, Brisbane-based Lucy is on a journey to discover exactly where her passion lies. Filmed and produced by multi-award-winning adventure photographer and filmmaker, Nathan McNeil, we see Lucy let loose on the outdoor routes that until now had taken a backseat.

“What’s ahead is a whole process of learning the moves, endless fails, cycles of doubt and disbelief, small wins, links and a rollercoaster of emo- tions,” Lucy said. “I’ll set my mind on this route and it will become so much a part of my everyday life; my thoughts, my dreams, my decisions, and my training that by the time I’ve sent it, I have learnt every hold and movement that the climb feels like a close friend.”

The film explores her motivation, and the fear—not just of the scary-looking lines, but of judgment and self-doubt.

“My recent decision to follow my passion for the outdoors, rather than a singular focus of World Cups and the Olympics, is similar to looking at a new project outdoors,” Lucy said.

“You’re well aware it’s going to be hard, you’re going to be judged by oth- ers, but mainly by yourself, you’re going to have to make sacrifices, create your own goals, and you’ll still have your doubts and question whether it was the right route to project.”